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Recently acquired the Lionel Milwaukee Road S3 #261 4-8-4, 6-11229.  The engine was giving me some running issues. Upon removing the boiler, I found that the 3 pin connector on the RCVR board was detached from the pins, see photo.

Checking the Lionel parts site, I found that they only sell the RCVR with the mother board for $150. I don't feel confident that I can resolder the pins to the connector, even though I have done a lot of soldering in the past.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks, RAY


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  • 261 RCVR board
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@Mike Desing posted:

Ray,  I have those pins/connectors.  Not really too hard.  I use my Weller temp iron (good one) with adjustable set point.  I have done them on boards similar to Lionel one.  Not too difficult.  

I can bring iron down or some arrangement.

The one thing about the Lionel receiver board is it apparently has a an internal ground plane that soaks up heat, so a bit more heat it needed to free the pins.

Update June 14 2024:

A club member repaired the pins on the RCVR board, removed the old ones and installed new pins.

We tested the engine with the original Legacy mother board. The engine only responded to ID 99 and ID 1. We tried to reprogram the engine to several other ID's, but they never took.

So we thought maybe a bad mother board. He had a spare Legacy board, which we installed and then we installed the repaired RCVR board. Still could not program the engine to any other ID. It only responds to ID 99 and ID 1. The new board numbers matched those of the original board.

Thinking that maybe there may be a malfunction with the PROG/RUN switch, I made a new switch. No luck.

So now I am wondering, could the issue be with the RCVR board? Does the RCVR board play any roll in programming an engine?


@romiller49 posted:

I have a steam loco that had the same thing happen. I simply soldered three individual wires from the bottom piece to the top piece. The pins are obviously a weak spot of these boards.

I’ve done this quite a few times now with great results ……IMO, it’s the least invasive procedure for those crummy pins…..leave em alone, and go right around them,…..


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