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Hello OGR,

I am sharing the attached PDF for those interested. I received recently from Lionel Support - covering step-by-step procedures with pictures for each step - taking an out of the box Fastrack Operating Track (#6-12054 - able to uncouple and operate cars - e.g. milk, dumping car) and changing so that it can be:

1. Powered by a dedicated accessory transformer with fixed voltage, rather than track power, and

2. Interfaced into and ASC2 LCS module controller for operation using a CAB II, rather than the manual black 2-button 'Uncouple-Unload' device. In the ASC2 control interface two control slots are wired: one for Uncouple for 'momentary action', one for Unload / Operate with 'latching action'.

The steps describe taking off the manual black 2-button control box and associated wires, then modifying with soldered connection changes/additions for connections with an ASC2 and CAB II use. The document finishes by describing the CAB II command steps for Uncoupling and for Operating each with either momentary or latching mode.

I have tested this documented process and it worked perfectly.

Have fun with it!

- Ken


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Very helpful. Sean of Sean's Train Depot did a video a few years ago showing how he did the Fastrack Operating/Uncoupling Track mod on his layout. My new layout will have at least one O/U Track, and I plan to rewire mine the same way as yours. It doesn't look hard at all.

I figured it out and did the same before Lionel released the same basic wiring instructions when I wanted to control it with my LCS system (actually I think they copied my idea as I did it over a decade ago, ha-ha).  I learned through bitter experience it is very easy to select Aux2 instead of Aux1 and leave the magnet on.  I melted 5 sections that way.  Trust me it's not hard to do and there is no indication you left the magnet on until you smell the melting plastic!  Be careful!  I think I would add an LED or light to show me it's on if I was to do it all over again.

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