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I think I'm good until the factories start churning out more product.

I just ordered some of my product boards, the prices went ballistic and finding some components is a major chore!  I had to come up with substitutes for a number of components to get the builds done.  I suspect unless something changes, my next build may not happen until well after I need it!

Phil, the Engineer PA-9 Crimp Tool is the tool I use for the JST-EH and JST-PH connectors.  you can also use the IWISS IWS-2820M Crimp Tool for them.  The $300 tools you see there are when I was building equipment for Wall St. trading firms and we had a huge volume of work.

Nice collection John. I would expect nothing less. I've collected several over the years for various tasks, coax, cat-5, barrel and rings, etc.

Not necessary!  Crimp tools we have covered!

__Crimp Tools

Most of the crimp tools I used to use were more on the industrial scale.

Greenlee 1990 Dieless Hydraulic Cable Crimper Crimping Tool #2 Ðÿ' - SPW Industrial

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