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One traction tire, and I've taken those off a couple of mine to they can run through switches.  Think about switches, one side frequently is on an unpowered rail, if the traction tire is on the other side, that's only one wheel picking up power.  Any glitch there and you stop cold.  I can demonstrate that with a number of small motorized units through my Double Slip Switches.

John,  Wow, thanks for that info.

The NIB Halloween BEEP I just got is stopping cold on one switch, when the engine runs through it in one direction, with the Front of the engine being in the lead.    When I flip the engine around, so that the rear goes over the switch first in that direction, it zooms through.

I thought that the issue was that one of the rollers was barely touching the middle rail at the stop point, while the other roller is on the plastic part of the frog.   

But now, I think your analysis is totally right. .  I'm going to immediately check the location of the tire when the BEEP stops.

Thanks as always.


It is possible to turn the shell on a Beep around. When you turn the engine over, the on-off switch for the reversing unit is always at the back of the engine. All Beeps that I have seen have a small “F” printed on the body to indicate the front of the engine.

If you need to run a Beep in the opposite direction, to avoid the stalling issue, you can just remove the shell, flip it around, and put it back on. The downside is that your engine will always start in reverse.

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