I am looking at a Ready Made Train box car and don't know anything about their trains.

Are they good quality? Will they match up with my other o-gauge MTH and Lionel trains?

I presume they run on Lionel Fastrak.


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They will run on any O Gauge track.  The RMT cars have very good paint and markings, plus RMT offers some road names that few or no other company offers.   Their prices are very attractive- about half of Lionel and MTH prices.

The RMT's I have, up to now, are light and benefit by adding some weight up to the 14-15 oz. total level.  I use automotive "sticky weights" that are 1/4 oz. each X 12-15 sections, spread over the inside of the car.  On hoppers, I use lead shot CA'd into the inside bottom.

Trucks:  Previously,  RMT's truck-mounted couplers  have had the older type w/ a magnetic coupler plate designed for remote activation using a remote actuating track, not the current "mushroom" or plunger type of "hidden" coupler opening tab.  You can open the coupler by removing the car, OR just do the old fashioned "lift and join".  I (and many others I am sure) do that anyway. 

BUT- their latest announced cars DO have the  hidden coupler tab on all diecast trucks.  I don't know if they are changing the spec to their new couplers on re-released cars, or just on NEW production. 

I have and would still buy RMT cars especially with their new couplers.

Looks like the RMT boxcars are currently made by the same manufacture that does the Menards boxcars. I have both and they are identical except for the script.

Bill T.

I have bought stuff from RMT for a number of years. I have bought track, cars and engines and their stuff looks good and easily runs on my 0 gauge track, including 031 curves. Customer services is quite good and I recently had a call from the President of the company no less concerning an order they couldn't fill completely. I love their old KLine track which is becoming harder and harder to get. It appears that the KLine trains they get were sitting in storage in China where it was made. Pricing is decent. The only criticism I might make involves an engine that I thought was a bit under powered but the price was quite reasonable. The problem of this engine was solved (an AA beep design) when I purchased the powered B unit and the combined A and B pulls well. You shouldn't hesitate ordering from them. 


Walter took over the K Line and switches when K Line went under. His stuff was all first Class. Walter would also return messages and calls immediately.  His products were/are fine.

Larry3railtrains in Calgary, AB, Canada

As Sheldon says"  There is ONLY "O" Gauge"

Larry3railtrains posted:

Walter took over the K Line and switches when K Line went under. His stuff was all first Class. Walter would also return messages and calls immediately.  His products were/are fine.

Glad it worked that way for you.  Multiple emails and phone messages went unanswered after a coupler broke.  Was never able to make contact.

They're off my list.

mallard4468...just checked the RMT archives and found no record of this email...pasketlen@hotmail.com. We have emails/addresses going back over 5 years on server.

When and what email address did you send to at RMT?  If you are using an old email address for RMT/ARISTO it will not work either.

Regardless, lets try 1 more time. Send your email now to... wmatuch@readymadetoys.com and I will try to help.



Big Jim posted:

Here are my "Peeps". I think the photos speak for themselves. 


Well Jim,

It is getting close to Easter, so I guess they're appropriate! 


I will have to differ with Mike Wyatt.  I have a set of Beefs.  They will not negotiate my O31 curves.

Dan Padova posted:

I will have to differ with Mike Wyatt.  I have a set of Beefs.  They will not negotiate my O31 curves.

The question was about box cars - the Beefs are locomotives (although small, short ones).  RMT says:

"BEEF® locomotives will operate on 0-27 track, however larger radius track may be required depending upon various track layout designs."  Must be when short radius curves form an "S" curve. 

But the question referred to box cars, so I say they DO run fine, at least in my experience.

My first experiences with anything RMT were nothing but pleasant. Bought 3 Buddys of which there are 3 different types: 1.)  F-N-R and 3 options for marker light control 2.) directional train and improved light control(4 options- no lights, rear only, forward only, all lights) the difference between 1 and 2 is the "all lights" option, 3.) everything in option 2 plus Speed Control that allows you to run in  Parallel or Series.

Regarding their rolling stock, I'm a huge fan of their pre-2016(whenever they ran into financial difficulties and o-line reproductions was selling their product) rolling stock. Details, trucks and couplers were great. Have 2 ore cars, a caboose and more.

Their current rolling stock is still great in terms of details and offerings that are abundant and unique in terms of RR names. However, the new trucks leave have given me problems such that I don't think I'd buy anymore. Their Box Cars & covered Hoppers detailing and trucks, as someone else alluded to, are essentially the same as Menards. I purchased an AEC(love AEC) covered Hopper- the axle on one truck was too short. I did a quick fix and wound a small rubber band around the middle of the the truck, then covered it with electrical tape to decrease it's visibility. It now works fine.

The bottom plate covering the truck often hit the top of my O-31 tubular switches causing them to "jump" a bit and/or spark- but not derail. I've placed a small piece of electrical tape on the bottom of any Menards or new RMT trucks to eliminate that problem. I've been a bit cautious to purchase Menards or new RMT box cars or hoppers(covered and uncovered) ever since- but the electrical tape on the bottom of the trucks is quick, easy, and not at all noticable except for that short-axle AEC. That said, running those cars on o-27 tubular, FasTrack, RealTrax, and Menards hasn't been a problem. As I've been making a move to be more scale and prototypical on some parts of my layout and with my consists, obviously I'm not purchasing as much RMT or Menards rolling stock . But if you run traditional consists and keep in mind what's been said regarding the trucks, then I highly recommend RMT!



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