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What particular real locomotives and heavy industrial train cars interest you and why?

I will start us off.

As a child, from the mid 1950s through the1960s, my mother (she did not drive) and I were often passengers on the NY Central, New Haven and PRR trains, and we would occasionally see awesome long freight trains of those railroads. The freight trains were mainly coal, oil tanker and box car unit trains. 

That is why the major part of my O Gauge collection consists of models of the above real trains I experienced as a child. 

Of course, I have vivid memories of the passenger trains my mother and I rode on, but my memories of the locomotives we occasionally saw pulling freight trains during that era are vague. Whatever your recollection or knowledge is of those locomotives and freight trains would be greatly appreciated.


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The Erie mainline out of Cleveland connected to the NY-Chicago main line at Leavittsburg.  The line had a ruling grade >2% from downtown Cleveland.  The commodity was iron ore.  They would double the train at North Randall.  

Erie crossed the Miles Avenue/East 131st Street intersection at a diagonal.  I remember seeing a Berk, 50 ore cars, two more Berks and two cabooses there.  The Berks were half white from all of the sand they put down.  In later years when EL stepped in, three FM's would haul the same train at about 8 mph max.  

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