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Well I pulled the trains out today for their annual layout around the Christmas tree and found a new issue.  One of my O72 switches does not derail correctly.  When a train passes through from the straight direction to the far end of the switch, everything operates fine.  When the train passes through on the diverging route, the switch tries to move itself to the "straight" position, which just causes a mess since the points are trying to move while the train is on the switch.

Is this a classic example of the "sensor rail" being too long and making contact the adjacent piece of track?

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That, or maybe the adjacent piece of track has a rail just a tad too long and is contacting the sensor rail.  Or check and make sure the copper J hook on the adjacent rail isn't bent slightly out of shape and contacting the sensor rail.

I have MTH RealTrax on my current layout (purchasing both new track and used track) and I noticed that the rail length tolerances were a little loose on all the track pieces.  Nothing consistent, I just had to be careful with any piece of track attached to a switch.

That was it! I ended up using some hot glue on the bottom of the sense rails as well as on the end.  Seems to work great,  The glue compresses some when connected to other track which is fine with me.

Another question - I appear to have half blown switch box.  It "pulls" the points but won't "push" them. Has anyone had any luck with finding replacement solenoids anywhere?

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