Realtrax Switch Problems Revisited

I have some Realtrax O42 Switches I purchased years ago that have had continuing problems.  Mainly causing engine derailments when going through the curved route.  I found the attached files in another post and believe my problems have to do with the guard rails not tight enough against the wheel flanges. 

Does anyone know of a convenient source for the 0.05 thick polystyrene recommended for the guard rail fix?

Also, are these still the best fixes for Realtrax switches and have these problems been resolved with newer Realtrax switches from MTH?

Thanks for any help!

Bob Hales 3-Rail on the Front Range


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For styrene try a hobby shop, Evergreen, Plastruct or possibly a large craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. My local train shop has a full line of Evergreen and Plastruct. Also some of the forum sponsors here may also carry these items. However, the shipping might be more than the styrene. 

I don't have any Realtrax switches and I am not familiar with them, but maybe some thin cardboard that you might have around the house would work in place of the styrene. I would think anything non-conductive like that might possibly work for you.

I posted those fixes, and I have been using small black plastic tie wraps for stock. Cut the tie to size and secure it in place using an epoxy adhesive. Since incorporating this fix, there have zero incidences of trains derailing on my 042 Real Trax switches.

Bobby Ogage

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