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I have quite a few MTH Turnouts-O-42 up to O-72. 

All perform as expected, until recently. 

Man O-72, decided it no longer wanted to operate as designed. 

Seems it did not want to auto align, which alerted me to its rebellious agenda😁

Upon investigation, the issue was the two grey plastic keepers that are held in place by 2 screws; the collars where the screws go, have cracked. I attempted to glue them-the success of that endeavor is unknown-because the added problem, I’ve since discovered, is that the two part white slide mechanism doesn’t track easily nor consistently in its assigned space. 

It seems to ride up, which doesn’t accommodate secure point destinations-they just don't want to make the full journey from fixed rail to fixed rail-too much of a hike, I suppose. 

I have acquired other defective turnouts and have always been successful in resolving their issues; melted wire strip under the mechanism; cold solder/ poor craftsmanship; and a misplaced screw that was supposed to hold the center crossing rail in place, was in the wrong hole-(man the jokes just write themselves in that statement)


But this animal has thwarted me-I conclude nothing less than new keepers and mechanisms will resolve the issue. 

And since it’s pretty much a fact that those parts are not available at the source, I must seek them elsewhere. 

So, anyone who has a defective Turnout or three, who is willing to “make a deal”, please let me know-

Im also up for suggestions-unfortunately buying a 3D printer is not in my current budget-so any other lighted bulbs are welcome. 


Also, I hope this puts is not illegal-if it is please inform me, and I will gladly relocate it, or change it to meet the standards. 


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