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The wait is over.  Very excited to have received this beautiful locomotive today. I only have a couple of pieces of track to test it on. I'm sure, as with the other 3rd rail engines I have, it will run smoothly.  Enjoy the pics. Scroll down video now added.


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I too received my SD40-2's.  Overall I really like them and appreciate the effort that Scott and team put into these locomotives.  Thank you!!!

That being said, I do notice some opportunity to further improve the appearance and operation.  Here are a couple WSOR locomotives just out of the box with the only changes of updating the firmware on the Loksound 5 decoder, changing the address to the cab number, and reducing the brightness of the numberboards (in fact pictured is a value of 1 which helps reduce the light bleed between the numberboard housing and cab face).  I'll walk through everything I do and take before and after photos.


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Got my BNSF SD40-2 yesterday.

As others have mentioned, the details on these models are impressive.

This is my first Sunset locomotive, and the first impression was how big and clean the interior of the cab looked. Having the single horizontal motor appeared to free up so much space inside the cab that it had room for 3 railroader figures.

I wonder why Atlas Masterline and MTH, now Atlas, Premier models use the 2 vertical motors. From reading posts on the OGR forum, I understood that toy train models have traditionally used the dual vertical motors, but Masterline and Premier models have so much amazing, road specific details, on the exterior. with many separate lights, sounds that makes the limited interior, details, look really bad, in comparison.  I was showing photos of my Atlas Premier, SD70ACe and ES44AC, to my colleague and they were impressed by the details on the hinge and exterior markings, when they zoomed the photos as far as they would go. They commented how much better these details looked compared to the toy trains that they were used to.

These are just my opinion,

Naveen Rajan



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