A friend, who sadly is no longer with us, custom detailed a Lionel bobber caboose for me with these marker lights many years back.

Unfortunately, I've lost one, and would like to locate a replacement. My guess is that these are from someone's detail catalog, but I'm hoping someone here recognizes whose they might be.




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They look a lot like Precision Scale #40227 marker lights.

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Those look like brass castings to me. However they don’t have a match in the Cal-Scale O markers they currently catalog.

Keil Line made a few markers in white metal and this one, now produced by Scale City Designs under the same product number, looks broadly similar in terms of the top and bottom fittings:


Does anyone recognize a particular prototype marker that the OP’s resembles? That might lead to an online catalog reference. 


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All, thanks for the help! I'm admittedly out of my league when it comes to detail parts.

For the record, these are unlighted, and I'm missing one entire unit on the opposite side.

It had occurred to me that I might need to find a new mated pair versus trying to match the one remaining marker. But there's some sentimental value in trying to preserve it as-is, and I was hoping that someone may have an "A-HA!" moment.


Chuck Sartor posted:

I would say Cal-scale or precision scale. Or even Kemtron.

English's Hobby (aka Bowser) in Montoursville, PA acquired the Cal Scale line some years ago. They also make their own line of zamac parts. Trouble is they have been getting out of the O scale parts business. Try emailing them with your photo and see if they have anything that would match. Otherwise I would just start a search on ebay for O scale marker lights, no doubt a few are still sitting in someones parts drawer somewhere.


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