I have a couple flatcars that need good looking loads. Anything from tractors to crates to piles of pipes, etc., would do. I am looking for stuff that is realistic and close to proper scale in appearance. (between 1:43 and 1:50) I have looked at Ertl.com and their stuff is cool but all over the map scale-wise. If you have any other suggestions I would be interested in checking them out.

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I think it really depends on what you're looking for. If you can narrow it down to something specific (such as tractors, or tanks, etc...), just do a google search for 1:48 model tractors or whatever. It'll give you a bunch of junk and a couple links of exactly what you're looking for. Weaver sells a few different flatcar loads, and I'm sure you can also find what you want at Walthers. Also try ebay. Even if you dont buy it off ebay, it'll give you an idea of who makes what you want, thereby giving you something very specific to plug into google and direct you to a store that sells it.

A great source for vehicles is Diecast Direct (I think you can use the advanced search function to filter by scale).


Also, the Scenery Sourcelist over on the Scenery and Structures section of the forum contains lots of places to get all sorts of detail parts that would make nice loads.



I check ebay as well,  as almost all of my Corgi trucks and WWII vehicles were purchased on ebay.  Check the price and selection of both the diecast speciality shops and ebay and buy whatever you like.


Local hobby shops (even if not train shops) will often have a nice selection of model kits available, although the prices are sometime higher.  I also check the local toy store (Toys r Us or Walmart) when I'm shopping there.  Likewise with Ollies's (a PA/MD surplus store), as you never know what you will find.


My problem, is that I have found way to many sources of loads!




Unexpected source: I have a few bad PS2 and TMCC components that I was about to toss,
and realized that these circuit boards, painted a flat "machinery" black/gray/oxide/or the like look quite convincing as heavy equipment. A "tarp" would add to the illusion.

Old PS2 and Liontech never dies - it just becomes Other Stuff.

I just put my Lionel trolley on an MTH 50'(?) santa Fe flatcar to run on the Glancy layout this Sunday.  Looks pretty good.

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