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I use JunWen LED kits that I purchase off of Amazon for the majority of basic lighting in a shadowbox or building. I suggest the Warm White version for starters. Each kit comes with a reel of 300 2835 LEDs. (LED size is defined in millimeters so 2835 means 2.8mm x 3.5mm).  The strip may be cut every three LED's (see the small double copper-colored contacts spaced every 3 LEDs) and shorter strip may be connected to wires with the suitcase adapters shown. Orientation of +/- counts in the LED world, so if the light does not come on reverse the end that the suitcase connector is attached to. 10 suitcase adapters come in each pack. The  LED kit comes with a 12V DC power source and dimmer. The LED strip has adhesive transfer tape on the back so it is peal and stick application. I usually adhere it to the ceiling.

Woodlands Scenics makes the Plug-n-Play system that has individual 5050 LED's on strands of wire that lug into their control modules. The control modules have dials that allow you to adjust the brightness.

I have also used SuperBrightLED 5050 LED's that come prewired with a 36" wire lead.

Squares in the pictures are two to the inch.



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Depending on what you want these work well for me on the interior of structures. I've got mine on a separate 12v supply for lighting accessories. I also use these to add lighting to my PRR caboose. Added a few roller pickups and they work wonderful on both AC/DC. No problems with 18V DC or 18VAC with a Z-1000. I use 3M mounting tape 2-side thin and it makes these very versatile IMO.

I think these might be more special application but I thought they were worth sharing. Thanks.

Listed as: DD00WM 20pcs Pre Wired Warm White SMD 3528 Led Lamp Light Set 12V ~ 18V



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Like you, I use LED strips, warm white, cut into groups of 3, 6, 9 etc for buildings, passenger cars, etc. Chinese suppliers on the Bay sell 5 meter strips (sixty 3528 LED's per meter) for $2 and change. You get a total of 300 LED's, 100 groups of 3. I power the LED's in buildings from my fixed 14volt accessory bus through an under-the-table mounted AC to DC Buck converter (LM2596HV) available on the Bay for $3. I dial down the DC output to approximately 9V to get a lower intensity lighting effect. Requires some simple soldering which if I can master, so can anyone! These AC-DC converters handle up to 2.2A and each group of 3 LED's draws about 20mA - so you can power many (over 100) groups of 3 LED's through one converter. (Hope my math is correct.)



You have three basic choices:
1. LED light strips as shown above. All should have built in resistors and run on 12VDC. You need to use these strips in groups of three.
2. Single LED lights like those from Lionel ( I believe Lionel took over from Model Power). These guys can run on up to 17VDC/AC. They also come with built in resistors.
3. As mentioned above Woodland Scenics Just Plug (wires are very thin and somewhat a pain to work with). Light Genie from MRC is another variant worth looking at.

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