You really hit a home run with your alien and farmer accessory.  How about making an Alien themed line of rolling stock?  Just a thought....


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Not a bad idea, especially if the alien theme ties directly to the imagery of the accessory (which I got as a gift).

Also, Mark is more accurately known as Mark the Menards Train Guy. There was only one Menards Guy, and that was Ray Szmanda (below), the longtime Menards TV and radio pitchman who died in 2018.

An illustrated version (bottom) of Ray the Menards Guy was featured on this boxcar last year.



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Now that they have produced the Tide factory, would love to see one or more Tide tank cars.

Yep, Tide tank cars, boxcars, or covered hoppers would be cool.

YES!!!               P&G TIDE Car!

I have a P&G Train made by K-Line 1990 but it does not have a Tide car, I did buy the Tide building because I worked for the Construction Company that built the tide plant in ST Bernard OH. (Cincinnati) in the mid-90's.


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