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Thank you all for the suggestion.  It occurred to me last night that the stuff used on post-war crane cars - Lionel, MTH, K-Line - is pretty close to what I need.  It's large enough to have some visibility, but not really wire.  Does anyone know what that is called (or part no.) or where I might find it?



I don't know what they used on post-war crane cars, but I have a TMCC version crane.  Like many, I wasn't careful and the string became tangled when I moved it.  After several hours of trying to get it back in place I noticed it was fraying.  After some research I bought the stuff in the picture and completely restrung it.  It was a pretty good match for color and flexibility, and I think it was a little stronger.  I got it from the big online retailer, but I'm sure others have it.  One disclaimer, the crane has been sent to a Lionel service center since it no longer responded to commands.  I have not actually used the new string since I put it on.


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  • TMCC Crane String Replacement
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