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I have an early 1950s 2046W Hudson and tender that belonged to my dad.  Runs well, whistle works.  May convert the smoke unit to liquid.

However, I would like something with a little a larger wheel set than the 4-6-4 Hudson. Something like a 2-8-4 Berkshire, 2-8-2 Mikado or 4-8-4 Northern, if such exist.  Would like a light & smoke.  Don’t need sounds or digital etc.  Also, doesn’t have to be Lionel.


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If you're looking for postwar, the 2-8-4 Berk seems like the most logical candidate. The only other larger candidate would be the scale Hudson, the 773. They're a bit less common and more expensive.

If you're open to modern, but don't consider command control or sound mandatory, your options can expand a bit more. Williams (and Williams by Bachmann) made a replica of the postwar 2-8-4 in several road names. I have the Nickel Plate version. They look like the original PW version and run well.

Williams/WBB also made a streamlined 4-8-4 and scale-sized 4-6-4s in several road names.

Oh, BTW, I recently converted my 2056 to liquid smoke. Great decision.

I lean towards the 1946 726 with smoke bulb, Baldwin wheels with stainless tires, and without the visible E-unit switch or magna-traction.  I think I have 4 of them and chased them when prices were 'up there'.  My two 736's with magna-traction are great hauler's whereas the non magna-traction is limited. My most recent 726 is the Century Club circa 1997 (absolutely beautiful) as is the larger (but not scale) Century Club 773 Hudson.  These are wonderful engines.  But I suspect, truth be known, all of the Lionel 726, 726rr and 736 are reliable, great looker's and appreciated by their owners. I can't speak to non-Lionel, so I leave that to the experts.

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