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Hello! I am going to York in a couple weeks,and would like a recommendation on a nice,CLEAN, hotel room for 1 night.

Somehow,the wife has managed to talk me into letting her go with me,(wonder why?)LOL!!!  

I need to know where there is a decent place she will not be afraid to sleep at within a 50-60mile radius of the Expo Center.I am willing to travel back and forth to the show within a 50-60 mile radius,just got her a new car,and need to break it in anyway.

I am a truck driver,and stay in a few crummy places once in awhile,but with the wife,I need to know where someplace decent is. 

If anyone can recommend a clean place that will still leave me with some money left to buy a few trains,I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks guys.-Kenny B.

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You didn't state which night but I just looked at the Days Inn up near Harrisburg ("New Cumberland"- easy on/off for drive to meet), and they seemed to still have rooms for a little over $50 per night for 4/14 and 4/15.

It's definitely not a palace, but it's clean as in "not dirty or unsanitary" IMO.  The drive down 83 should be a breeze for you being a professional driver.  I do it every meet and it works well for me.  (maybe allow 30 -35 mins from door to door with some traffic - rough estimate)


M J Breen posted:
The red caboose motel in Strasburg isn't too far away either! It's under new ownership (my high school friend Tyler bought the place last fall) and they have renovated most of the cabooses! They are trying hard to turn the motel back around

Well that's good news.  In the recent past I've been seeing some poor reviews.  I hope your friend makes a go of it and is successful!

Try Travelodge in Carlisle (just north of Turnpike).  Very inexpensive, and back off the road.  Very quiet - I've stayed there a couple of times.  And you can eat at Market Cross Pub - great craft beer.

I checked, and it looks like they have rooms on Thursday and Friday of York week.  It's about a 45 minute drive to the fairgrounds.

Scrapiron Scher posted:

LOLOL, isn't this where someone suggests the Rodeway INN, the most horrifying motel since Alfred Hitchcock did Psycho?

Yes...thanks for reminding me. I think this place is fine, and so far, I've stayed there 7 times. Inexpensive, large clean rooms, and less than 2 miles from the fairgrounds.

I remember, a while back, you ranting about seeing a hooker on the street. Get over it.

trainman129 posted:

For a really nice place try the Yorktown Hotel right in downtown York. It's one of the old classic hotels that you don't find much anymore. Probably in the $150/ night range. Has a restaurant and a coffee shop in the hotel. Note that their inside parking is valet only.

I've read about some thefts from vehicles parked there.  No personal experience, and of course, thefts can happen anywhere.  Valet parking seems sketchy and inconvenient, IMO.

IMO, the lodging  in Lancaster, PA  (about 35 minutes drive from York) offers a large amount of choices and there are also more restaurants there. There is a beautiful Marriott Hotel in downtown, a nice Best Western, a Marriott Courtyard, Holiday Inn and a host of other motels, hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns.  When we use to go to York, the Wyndham Hawthorne suites, County Inns, or Greystone B & B were all very good.  

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