I need to cut a place to put a switch in my cabeese. I know that I can drill for holes and then cut. I want to know if there is a Dremel type of bit that can make a cleaner cut. I am open to any suggestions as I do not want this to look like the hack job I did for the potometers.

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To make square holes you either drill and file or use a metal punch ($$$) designed for the switch you plan to install. Its mild steel, just scribe the outline for the switch including the two mounting holes, drill inside the scribed lines and then file square using jewelers files. I am not aware of any Dremel tool that will do that for you.


I'm with Pete, I drill a hole the width (+ tolerance) of the switch handle, then attack it with the file.  I have various punches for larger holes.  I also have a nibbling tool, very handy for more extensive mods.

When I get into king sized holes like this, I use a Dremel fiber cutoff wheel and rough it out, then finish the final shape with my Dremel carbide cutting bits and finally a file to smooth all the edges.  If I'm feeling fancy, I use a black Sharpie on something like this to dull out the shiny from the cutting.


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