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I picked up a used 18" x 16" computer monitor at the county landfill for free.  I brought it home and strip out the guts, because all I needed was the frame. The landfill received the guts back the next day.  Next I went to Office Depot and had them print out my layout on peel and stick sign paper to the size of my screen.  Then I stuck the layout picture to a piece of foam board and that became my layout screen. The next step was to add (18) Evans Bi-Directional LED's for the switches and added (10) more for the sidings. With lots of wiring this is the finished project which works perfect. Prior to building this display I was using controllers to operate the (18) 022 switches and (10) normal SPST toggles to operate the sidings. Now, due to adding (3) SC-2's and (1) eMylo DC 12V (16) channel Wireless Switch Module I eliminated the need to manually do any switching or manual toggling and just sit back and watch the display switch colors. By  the way I did add a piece of plexiglass on the front to protect the print out and it's held in place by a piece of Velcro on each corner.


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  • Up close screen view
  • Back of monitor wiring
  • Zoomed out screen
  • Wireless Controller
  • Monitor
  • Monitor 2
  • back of monitor
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Wow, very impressive!  I need to see if I can do something similar on my layout. I also need to look up eMylo and see what that's about.    I agree with Lionlman, you need to consider an article in OGR. Old LCD monitors are showing up at a lot of places now (like Goodwill, garage sales and resale shops) so while yours was priced perfectly, it won't be hard for someone to find an old LCD for a decent price.


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