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Two interested parties, lets call this one off the table.

Body mounted couplers, conventional control, missing handrail, some eyebolts damaged or missing. I can take more pictures. When run on a PowerMaster in CONVentional mode, works forward-neutral-reverse, would assume it works on a plain transformer. No box.

I already have a powered Atlas Illinois Central GP7/9 and an MTH IC GP7/9 dummy, I bought this thinking I could convert to a dummy to be a third, but the body mounted couplers were a big problem. The only inexpensive way I could see using this would be to convert the couplers to Kadees and transition cars. Maybe someone into three scale rail could find a use for it.

Shipping could be tricky. I have found that the price for shipping can be over $50 for long boxes delivered to say Seattle from Chicago. Rather than put effort into packing and shipping estimates, only to find out no one is interested, how about you email me you are interested, then I figure out shipping. Not happy, just back out. Much easier than fleabay, yes? Local pickup is fine too, I live in Park Ridge, IL, near O’Hare airport. Work in Evanston, IL (so no work-from-home).

Contact me thru the email listed on the forum.

The gray card is a white balance card, not really necessary for a black and white engine, it just happen to be laying around.


Images (6)
  • PXL_20210328_211340232 - Red Caboose IC GP9
  • PXL_20210328_211408211 - Red Caboose IC GP9
  • PXL_20210328_211451425 - Red Caboose IC GP9
  • PXL_20210328_211644410 - Red Caboose IC GP9
  • PXL_20210328_211700208 - Red Caboose IC GP9
  • PXL_20210403_153742503 - Red Caboose IC GP9
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