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i've been catching up on shows that i've missed and with "That 70's Show" currently at the top of my schedule, i am trying to ID a Lionel train that Red Forman had as a kid (Season 1, Episode 23 - Grandma's Dead).  first i have to say that the producers actually did a good job in nailing the time frame.  Red alludes to being in WWII as a teenager (say 17/18 years old in 1942/43) which would make him about 11-12 years old when the gunmetal gray(!) 249e locomotive heading up his train was catalogued in 1936/37.

the rest of the mixed consist is a #605 orange Pullman and a #817 peacock/green caboose, but it is the 1st boxcar that i can't seem to place.  it definitely looks period having a shiny metal look, but the two white circle markings are a bit too blurry for me to gather much information, though they might be an obvious clue to someone who's seen this piece.

reds train.1

reds train.1.det


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