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I picked up an old Weaver PFE wood reefer fairly cheap to use as part of the Friendship Train.  This reefer has the UP shield used from 1936 to 1946, but it is not going to matter when I finish getting it ready for the FT.


Here is a picture I took at a PRRT&HS conference a few years ago of the finished product.  This is an easy car since the signs are relative simple.

PFE 66370


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  • PFE 66370

@pennsyfan - Bob glad to hear you are being discharged.  Keep safe and healthy over the Holidays and throughout the New Year.  Best wishes.

@Sitka- after you posted your Switft's refer I thought of this Lionel 0-27 car.  I normally think of it as a box car but realized that the livery announces it as the "Refrigerator Express Line",  #6050 from 1962-1963.

Lionel 6050 Swift box side view

Really good pictures and posting today everyone.  Lots of neat cars!!

Happy Holidays,



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  • Lionel 6050 Swift box side view

I bought one then a few more and now I love these things. It sure is a pain swaping Kadees in since you have to do some cutting on the MTH truck frame but I like em better that way. I did spray some flat gray/black primer on the frame, trucks, and roof of the Falstaff car. Looks much better. Maybe I’ll try a light wash and some matt clear or dullcoat next.



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