I put a BCR2 in my RK M1a last night and while I had it on the work bench, I got a wild hair and painted the wheels white.

Not sure if the prototype ever had white wheels, but I've seen other steam engines with white wheels and thought it looked sharp.

Have Fun.


"I'd rather be lucky than good"


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Ron, I've never seen a picture of a Pennsy steamer with white driver tires.  No matter, I think your steamer looks great!  Thanks for sharing.  

BTW, I trust your BCR2 upgrade was a success.  I recently installed a BCR2 into a MTH RK Pennsy S2.  I'm pleased with the result

RRDOC posted:

OK, Ron.  How did you paint them so precisely?  Impressive!


In the one pic, you see the engine is on its side.  I applied power via alligator clips and turned it on so the wheels spun slowly.  Then I used a small paint brush and just held it in one place with both hands.  The wheels painted themselves.  There are two coats of paint.


"I'd rather be lucky than good"

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