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on the mth remote there are 99 address slots. number 95 on my remote just vanished somehow. it was assigned to a lashup of two ps2 3 volt gp38 engines.

They were working fine earlier in the day.I came back later this evening to run trains and this consists started acting up. the two engines would not go into reverse.

I tryed everything,restarting the consist,powering down the layout and restarting every thing. still would not go into reverse.

I then deleted the consist via delet consist. then I made the consist again. when I tryed to edit the consist address to 95. magically adress 95 was no where to be found in my remote.

Any suggestions as to what happened here? would backing up my remote to my tablet. then reseting my remote. then re-uploading the backed up remote data. restore address 95 to my remote?

anyway I need to back up my remote anyway its been awhile since I have done it anyway.

Anyone experienced this before? or is this a first?

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maybe the address can't be found I would try deleting another address and then readded consist and try again but a different number! if you can't get it to work reset your remote and readded all engines. you know you can save the remote addresses in your computer reset remote and then install save address back from the computer to remote thru tiu !  also, if you have dcs companion that Barry wrote it will walk you thru the whole process.

DCS Companion - By Barry Broskowitz | MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS (


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I got out my labtop tonight and finnaly got my dcs loader program working. I backed up my remote data to the pc.

then just to be safe I got out a spare dcs remote I havent used in a while. installed batteries and went to the settings menu. reset remote/ wiped it clean of previous data and then I transferred the newly  loaded handheld data I just transferred to my pc onto this remote.

It took all my data fine all engines and lashups are there just like the other remote I copied the info from.

still no address 95 on the list. guess its gone forever. what should I try next? any suggestions.

thanks guys. guess I will just leave it alone. its not worth the trouble just for one address slot.

what you stated shawn was what I was afraid of happening. alan is correct also. the only problem is if I do a factory reset on the remote. then in order to get back the one address. I must add all my engines again one at a time. thats over 50 engines. plus every engines soft keys will have to be rearranged to the way I like them. not worth the trouble for one address IMO.

in the future I will back up my remote more often and keep it current in my pc. my last saved update was about 30 engines ago or around there. I just was not expecting this'll sort of gremlin to ever pop up. oh well. thats dcs for ya. thanks guys for all the info.

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