Removing coupler

You can pull those off without destructive removal. There is a tab you bend and it slides out. It’s rhe tab that keeps the remote uncoupler plate from coming out. If you bend the tab towards the non coupler end the, the plate comes off and the coupler slides out. 

Thanks for the help. I ended up using the dremel. 


Would someone be willing to recommend the best kadee couplers and explain what the new type E coupler head offers. 


Recommedation of screw to mount the kadees and where to get it. 


Are there pre made pads to use so the height is correct. 

SPFord27 posted:

If you are set on cutting, I have these I would trade you for a pair of those trucks. They were on a hopper like the one pictured with a set of Kaydee’s.


Do you still have these trucks?  If so, I would be happy to trade.  PM if interested.

Thank you,


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