Removing MPC Berkshire 6-8003 Shell and E-Unit servicing

I'm a postwar guy and have serviced countless postwar Berkshire locomotives. Today I've got a 6-8003 Chessie Stesm Special from 1980 on the bench for service. I removed the two fillister screws underneath the cab and the single fillister screw under the steam chest. Well, that didn't free up the shell at all. I took a visual and decided to remove the eccentric crank screws. That didn't get me anywhere. I then looked up the service diagrams ( and I still can't figure out what is preventing me from separating the shell.

I'm sure someone here can help me get past this brain fart...

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Definitely a mystery here, since as others have stated there are only three screws on a Berkshire that secure the shell.  Did you open the boiler front and look around in there with a flashlight?  

Chuck Sartor posted:

The shell possibly hung up like a headlight wire caught up on a handrail cotter pin.

Perhaps, but the wire would have some give if someone was pulling up on the shell and BMoran is saying it is stuck tight.   From looking at photos  of that Chessie engine, I can see the shell casting is somewhat different than that of my 1947 Berkshire.   Wondering now if there may be additional fasteners in it.   Opened up the link BMoran provided,  but it led to a dead page.  

Turns out there was a really tight fit between the shell and valve hanger. A little persuasion in this area and it finally came apart as expected. I immediately found that the e-unit drum will not stay in position. It dosen't have well defined tits, just little mounds and this appears to be by design, not wear. The drum is clear in color. How do I correctly mount this drum?

The clear drums have a notable reputation for breaking at the ends. Sounds like it’s time to get a new one.

Most fellow experts advise for the green drums. I’ve found the black to be just fine.


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It is hard to get a great picture, but I have found that the e-unit likely has two plastic retaining cups that mate with the nubs of the drum, however I am unable to locate the second one. No, the retaining cup is not a busted off tit. Anyone know the part number off hand and a source? The rest of the e-unit (drum, fingers etc) seems fine.


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@C W Burfle, It appears they go together like this (excuse my poor computer drawing skills):

The cup is somewhat reminiscent of this type of Lego piece except it has 2 outside diameters (not 3) and the inside hole matches the taper of the nubs on the drum (not a cylinder in shape):

Image result for lego 1x1 round

I guess it is possible that both tits broke off so very perfectly, but  I feel I have a better chance at the lottery...

Yes, I am aware it is possible to get a 259E-1 drums, but I'm very curious about this setup.


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