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DE17B2EB-5B96-4287-B7D7-AB6E14287E3AHas anyone popped the platform off the standard RailKing tank car?  I am prying pretty well, but I would like to avoid breaking it. I thought it was just snapped on, but the harder I pull the more I think it might be glued in place. 

photo of the tank car type...


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  • DE17B2EB-5B96-4287-B7D7-AB6E14287E3A
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With most well-built products, things do not tend to just "pop-off", unless that is part of the function or maintenance design. MTH made well-built stuff.

I tried to "pop-off" the dynamic brake "blister" on a pair of MTH GM&O GP-38s, as the GM&O's GP-38's had no dynamics. I wanted to make them more accurate, and I had some matching paint.

Well...MTH (Samhongsa, really, I guess) apparently had Ultimo Atomic Glue, because it was a real job that required a bit of body work filler to correct the gouges and sanding. The locos looked good in the end, actually, but be careful. If the tank platform is sacrificial, go that route. 

(Williams GP38's dynamics do "pop-off", I believe, sometimes unintentionally)

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Funny you asked because I did the exact thing a few hours ago.  Gently rock the platform sideways - there are two pins on the platform that will need to pull out of the mating holes.  It is not glued even though it feels like it is.  If you need me to send you a picture of what it looks like when it is apart, just let me know.

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