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Picked up 39th TCA convention Bucyrus Erie crane  (year?) and a broken burro crane (new lionel not old) that I will put on the layout as static features.  I wanted to remove certain lettering on the cranes while retaining other lettering.  I could repaint the cabs, but would lose all lettering.  I assume that the TCA and Lionel markings were rubber stamped and if that is the case what will safely remove it? 


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I googled removing rubber stamping from plastic and found a Model Railroad article describing several methods.  I applied 91% isopropyl  alcohol over lettering with a q-tip,  waited 5 minutes, repeat several times, then gently scraped off with new Xacto flat blade.  Reapplied alcohol and a  5 minute wait after each scraping until lettering is gone.  Don't try to get everything in first application, took me three rounds to get it all off.

Only downside is it leaves surface scrape marks, but for my purpose no one will see the crane close up and if someone should remark, I would say lettering was sandblasted off sheet metal by new owner (always have a backstory!).  And after weathering, it won't be that noticeable.

TeleDoc posted:

If you had to resort to using an xacto, plus 3 attempts with alcohol, that indicates it was “Heat Stamped”, not Rubber Stamped.  Most rubber stamping will come off with warm water, plus alcohol as alternative.

Thanks for what this was.  Surface felt smooth so thought rubber stamp, while I THOUGHT  heat stamp would have slight rough feel where plastic deformed and left raised ridges, but maybe that was older technology and newer stuff doesn't leave tell tale ridges.

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