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Today- 10/17- is the second Renninger’s Quakertown Market Flash Train Meet. Considering it’s location as relatively close to Allentown and Philadelphia as well as the number of forum members who attend the Allentown Fall Frost and Spring Thaw- thought I’d make this thread.

the last show was great, IMO. I couldn’t believe there were so many vendors- I think there were over 120 eight foot long tables in each pavilion, and then the sellers around the pavilion set up.  great deals to be had, too! Got some great trains and accessories at that one.

It’d be nice to meet some forum members in person! Anyone going?

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I thought it was great- at least as good as the one in August-I think there was more variety. anyone go inside and check out some of the trains at the shop in there? There was quite a selection. Didn’t get anything “big” like last time(Legacy engine) but I got a little of everything that I’m very happy about. Pics of 90% of what I got are below!

i normally don’t do this, but to demonstrate how great it was, I’m going to say what I paid

Got The NW Maxistack on the right as I was doing a final sweep...$15


K-line diecast operating log dump car- $10. The bottom part had zinc pest so I removed it and put new trucks on(I don’t worry- I’m gonna change the wheels)885969C9-8A52-4A53-9610-12819C3F16BD

Only the flat car is new. !but the corgi on top look great and the flat is nice and sturdy $35DA658EE-63F1-4B56-BD18-BF3F79165B21

Junk load for ore car $17FDA21C4-0D12-4CFA-9B49-F4AB1C589DDC

2 packs of MTH figures and Lifelike street accessories pack- $5 each. Gray ramp-$1


MTH RK train show trailer- $10. Gravel pile-$1. Die cast figure sitting in car is great size!-$3


Gray thing to be used for scratchbuilding in back. 4 of these Figures(authenticasy hammered, K-line bagggage person, and the 2 Lionel police were $1 for all 4. The 2 sitting figures on the ground are diecast-$3 for both, soldier and farmer-$3 for both2C860E2B-0D13-47B0-818E-BC63EC0706EC

also got some nice Tinplate pics are shown in images. Anyway- I think those are some pretty decent deals


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  • 0D94968C-C9D4-42B4-96D5-E48F1A3D1D16
  • 885969C9-8A52-4A53-9610-12819C3F16BD
  • 5DA658EE-63F1-4B56-BD18-BF3F79165B21
  • 7FDA21C4-0D12-4CFA-9B49-F4AB1C589DDC
  • BD730F61-44FB-42B5-90D8-D8403639D7C8
  • E19CC855-0E0F-4D7A-AAB3-24874980257D
  • 2C860E2B-0D13-47B0-818E-BC63EC0706EC
  • CC3C6280-7CC6-4DF9-9B20-076A856BE04F
  • E10253CC-5744-4250-8C8F-5EECA1727DDF
  • 206795B9-138D-415E-BAF3-21894DF63A90

Theyre one day events. As far as I know, this August was the first one- I feel that co-vid cancelling many shows into the summer combined with summer ending were the major reasons It was organized. I did see a Flyer for the first one, well, a piece of pAper the size of a large index card. But didn’t see any flyers for this one.

Ive heard that the next Hamburg Meet May be held there

My friend and I went, and we both thought it was a good show. Neither of us bought anything. My friend couldn't make a deal on some passenger cars, and I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I did see a nice CNJ crane inside, but I passed. If the Hamburg show is held there, I would definitely go. One just has to dress properly for the outdoor conditions.

Next show there is scheduled for December 5 and then in May 2021 and 2 other dates a month or 2 later.

Heard it was an excellent show. Kicking myself for not going.

My wife and I attended and  after months without a show it was great to get out. Didn't see anybody I knew including my cousin (whom  I finally met up with) mostly because everyone had a mask on! I found a z-stuff signal for a good price and my wife got some stuff at the Farmers Market and we had breakfast, well I had a hot dog and she had breakfast! There were more trains in the farmer's market as well. The only thing missing was Dealers with new stuff!

All in all It was a good show and we will go again! (UNLESS we caught something and then it will probably be my last show)


You would have seen me there as I was dressed and ready to go out the door and the misses pleaded with me to stay home. With the virus spiraling the wrong way, I caved into her request. She said there will be plenty of train shows in the future for you to attend.

From the looks of the pictures, I missed a very nice outdoor event. I'm quite sure I will see you and the misses at a future show. Take care and be safe.

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