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The first thing I must relate is that I do not have a layout, and I am not familiar with programming PS 1-3, TMCC or Legacy.  I understand the concept of a command system, and have even run my trains (with coaching) with all three systems on club and private layouts. The primary focus of my modeling efforts has been purchasing and repainting locomotives and rolling stock to a scheme not readily available.
Question: For people who purchase tmcc or Legacy locomotives to repaint to a different road and/or renumber, we find ourselves with the problem of the model retaining its original identity. The obvious problems are road name, road number, and designation of the front end.  How far away are we from having a tmcc locomotive which can have its identity modified by console?   I would like to hear your thoughts on this before I pose two more questions related to command systems.


I included this photo as an example.  This is a Lionel Legacy GP7 for PRR #8510 (I have four of these) which have all been repainted for SL-SF.   If located by a command system they all show up with the original name and road number and designation of the front.

I could not venture a guess as to how many of us there are who strip and repaint locomotives to a new identity, but we sorta create a mess for ourselves.


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MTH PS2 and PS3 engines can be renamed in the remote for ID purposes. If the engine's memory gets reset, it loses that info and has to be added again.

If it's changed by a dealer loader, it retains the info and becomes permanent.

I've built many engines and renamed them with my DCS system.

I saw you asked about Lionel, and that I don't know much about.

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