See photo.  I messed up and inadvertently dropped a solder blob and bridged 6 pins on an IC lower right.  No power ever applied.  Can solder wick fix this?  Does anyone think they can do this (GRJ) or just buy another board - small steam.  Suggestions.





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If you haven't powered it up since that dropped on there, it can be removed without too much risk.  I'm not sure I'd do the solder wick, sometimes that pushes the stuff into the connections.  I'm pretty sure it can be rescued, just don't power it up!

Have you tried GENTLY prying it up?  Sometimes a solder splash lands and doesn't really bond.

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Solder wick will work on that and you can use pin to clean between legs of chip.  Then test with meter when done.  This can happen, even getting a small bridge between legs.  G

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