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I picked up a Santa Fe TMCC Alco S-2 #2337 SKU: 6-28531 a while back that needed some help.

The side frame of one of the trucks had broken off and was missing.  This is an older S2 switcher made in ~2003.  I have seen this part broken on others like it.  There is not much metal holding the side frame in place (see photo).  The parts for the original drive truck were at one time available from Lionel, but no longer, including the entire drive truck.  So I purchased the replacement drive truck from a newer release S2 - S4 switcher that uses the double arm center collector compared to the single arm center collector.  The new replacement power truck does not come with the center double arm collector nor the insulating mounting bracket.

The replacement parts needed were:
6308472570 - 4 wheel power Alco S2/S4
6308472783 - Liondrive double arm collector
6108385784 - Liondrive Collector Insulator
4 - 2mm Flat head mounting screws (insulating collector to truck)
4 - #00 Flat head screws (double arm collector to insulator)
1 - 2mm screw (short ~2.5 mm long) (mounting the wire eyelet to the double arm)

You will need to remove the original truck mounting plate (truck to frame) and install on the new style power truck.  This plate covers the worm gear. While you are in there, check the grease and add as needed.  The top mounting plate is an exact fit with no modifications needed. There is a 2mm tap in the double arm to accept the power terminal eyelet.  Make sure the eyelet edge is filed down so the insulator can seat/attach properly. The wire does not lay quite right, so don't be surprised as the wire has to bend back into the truck.

Installing the replacement truck is somewhat a tight fit.  The original center rail power lead will need to be attached to the new double arm collector.  So you will need to do some soldering and wire management.

After the repair, the engine ran well.  And the good news is the switcher has an extra collector.  I could have replaced both to make it match, but this tells a story so to speak.  I hope this helps others with similar needs.


Images (7)
  • Newer style replacement
  • Original broken power truck
  • Mounting plat to frame
  • Comparison between orginal and newer style truck
  • Newer style power truck installed
  • Other power truck (original and not damaged)
  • Finished installation
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