I am trying to service my 322 Hudson.

I replaced the brushes and the E-unit fingers. Cleaned the commutator. Lubricated the worm gear and motor shaft bearings.

Upon applying power, the armature tries to turn but doesn't. The field gets very warm. I traced the wires. The armature and the field are connected in series. The field is switched by the E-unit. I can turn the armature freely by hand. I don't detect any binding.

Any thoughts on what to try next?












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I would check to ensure the wires from fingers to motor are going to the correct location. You will have to remove the fingers  from the eunit frame and check for continuity of each wire.  On more than one occasion I have come across wires in the sheath that have lost their insulation causing a short. The train tender sells a nicely done harness for these engines.

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