On the other side of the river from Harrisburg in Lemoyne is The Station.  I know they do repairs there.  Their products on the shelf are all list price and not discounted.  I would have to assume repairs could be pricey too.  I have never taken anything there but a friend of mine has.  He was happy with what they did.


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s gauge American flyer are not to expensive to repair I collect them and repair them. only thing that usually goes wrong is E unit fails or motor needs  new brushes and polish commutator and occasionally  broken wire between the engine and tender!


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I use the Station in New Cumberland for AF steam engines and they have never failed me.  They are across the river form Harrisburg. I have 2 engines there for repair now.  I can repair the diesels but not steam I send them out for repair.

There is an S gauge club in the State College - Williamsport very large group of folks nothing formal. I googled train stores in Harrisburg and came up with 4 including the station. 


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