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The electro coupler at the rear of the tender on my JLC C&O #1650 Allegheny (Lionel 6–38081) is not working. The tender makes the noise when I press the button but the coupler does not open nor vibrate. I did a search, but did not find anything specific to this issue, especially about how to replace it or troubleshoot the problem?

if someone has the part number or parts list for this locomotive and tender, and any advice on replacing the coupler, it will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Lionel's part site for the tender:

You will probably need to remove the tender screws to take the shell off.  Remove the C clip holding the rear truck on, unplug the electrocoupler wiring connector from the board, (probably) remove the pins from the white plastic connector to gain room to snake the wires down and out the bottom of the frame, and then remove another C clip to remove the coupler from the truck.  Installation is reverse of removal.

Depending on clearance you *might* not need to remove the truck from the frame, but you probably will.  I have one of these engines.  If you have trouble I can take a look at mind and assist.

Worth also nothing: you may just have a stuck coupler.  If it buzzes but doesn't open, try pulling on the knuckle while hitting the uncouple button.  See if you can force it open.  Then if you have some very, very fine oil, lubricate the hinge on the knuckle.  Sometimes just playing with it for a while and lubricating it has worked for me for ones that were just stuck.

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