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You said your getting a track error. I’m guessing your breaker is tripping when this car is placed on the track. The connections to the truck are different so no mixing them up. I blew up your picture. The ground connection to the truck frame. The way the wire is routed. The wires insulation is right up against the lug the center rail wire attaches to. It could have chafed through.

John mentioned the centering spring may be missing or not doing it’s job on the original truck.  I run all Kadee’s with metal boxes and couplers. The pin resides somewhat close to the center rail. If the couplers pin just faintly touches the center rail. The centering  spring takes the hit and just shrivels up and is useless.


I’d there first.  Use a meter and touch the roller and outside rail wire and see if there’s continuity. There shouldn’t be any. Move the wire around and pivot the truck back and forth to make sure. It doesn’t take much to cause an issue


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