Replacement for LGB #50010 Smoke Fluid

Hello all


Am getting pretty low on my stock of a bunch of the LGB #50010 smoke fluid I had bought several years ago.


Pretty much have made this fluid the fluid of my choice as I have tried just about everything else including many types of the MegaSteam (which I dislike the most) and the LGB is all I have ever liked.


Anyway, am seeing its pretty hard to find these days as I think they have stopped making it, so was just wondering what might be the best replacement?


Basically alone with that this fluid leaves no lasting smell, the thing I like about it the most is how it billows like real steam, and is thick at first like steam, but then dissipates real quick and never has ever left a smoke layer or haze to my room at all no matter how much I've used it much like anything else including of the worse being MegaSteam


Btw not trying to bash Mega for all those who love it so am hoping not to get into anything with those that do, just trying to explain for me personally why I don't want to use it in the hopes I don't get a bunch of people saying to use it when that's not what I am looking me, I have an its not what I am looking for.


For some info I have seen that a replacement for the LGB is Marklin # 02420 fluid is recommended, but have not tried it.


Had anyone else tried this as a replacement and felt it was about the same?


Thanks for any help

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If it has that 50010 number on it, that is what I have been using. For the most part I see the color as a deep blue, could almost be said is close to purple as kinda has a neon tint to it.


Is often called and used as a track cleaner too.


For the most part my stuff does have a scent, but is hard to describe, kind of a chemical but not in a bad way if you get what I mean. All in all is kinda like the thing that Lionel or MTH stuff has its own chemical scent, but isn't the same.


For sure smells like it when it burns too, but like I said, can get up the next day an don't smell it at or at least very little if I really run the trains tons.


Guess I should have mentioned too that my layout is a living room layout that runs about 50ft of track of the perimeter in an out of furniture in the room.


So again is another reason I like this stuff as is not smoking or smelling up furniture that would absorb that like a sponge.

The only color that i've seen for smoke fluid is "clear".


If you google Massoth smoke fluid you should find the direct replacement for LGB 50010.  Still looking for materials safety sheet to see what this is made of.  You're supposed to use it for smoke fluid AND track cleaner?

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Here is a pic of what the bottle looks like:


Is kinda hard to see but as mentioned, fluid is kinda a deep neon blue color.


Mine always came like this with all the same writing on it and the plastic dropper as well. Which btw always seem to break at just about 25% of the bottle left so I typically never used that & also put the fluid in a old small MegaSteam bottle & dropper unit.


Is easier to work with that way too as less to loose if you knock it over.

Originally Posted by chuck:

If you google Massoth smoke fluid you should find the direct replacement for LGB 50010.  Still looking for materials safety sheet to see what this is made of.  You're supposed to use it for smoke fluid AND track cleaner?

Yeah, I just found that too, looks like a close replacement at least in the color, will have to try it if I don't find any better and see.


Btw yeah, is supposed to be a track cleaner too and is pretty funny to read of people who used bottles of the stuff on a regular basis to clean track in that now I want more for smoke fluid an is no longer made.


From what I read, it was said to do a great job.


Kinda is a bit of a bonus though to think about it where if you ever over fill your smoker, your cleaning or at least not doing any damage to your track.


Can tell you that is another thing I really like about this stuff is that for any spit out, it never stains the train or the roofs of any pulled cars either and pretty much evaporates from anything it does get on completely clean.


All in all that was one of the other big things I didn't like about the megasteam stuff as don't know how this was for any others, but I found lots of little spit stains on the roofs of my overton cars after using that stuff and was not easy to get off.

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