I just took delivery of an MTH Mark Twain Zephyr (20-2886-1) from the 2008 Vol. 1 catalog.  This is a NOS train. 

When I took it out of the box, one of the wheels was not attached (see pic).  It looks like it came that way from China.  There are no marks in the center of the wheel that would indicate it was ever installed.  Does anyone have experience with installing these wheels?  My idea is to take the whole truck off if I can, balance the wheel on top of the axle, and start tapping it with a hammer.  Will that work or is there a better way to go about it?  Thanks for your help.




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BobbyD posted:

Make sure to check the gauge as you go.

A lot easier to stop short, then move it a little more than go too far and need to pull it back out.


Measure the gauge of the other set of wheels and create a template out of sturdy cardboard or some scrap sheet metal so when you press the wheel on it's gauged properly. You'll run into all sorts of tracking problems if the wheels are out of gauge. 

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