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Got a nasty surprise upon opening this caboose for the first time. Smokestack was cracked, and smoke deflector was off. Was lucky to obtain replacement parts from Bill Harrison at SandW Parts in Niskyana NY. Doing the repair is another thing altogether. I cannot figure out how to get the broken stack out. Do I push it in, or pull it out? It turns slightly, but has zero give up or down. Any chance anyone else has done this repair and can provide guidance? Thanks. A few pix below. The stack looks chewed up in the later pix because I used a pair of needle nose pliers to try to turn it.



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The Suethe unit is just a tube with a couple of wires at the bottom that go to the regulator board, no? If so you should be able to push it out from the top using a tube that catches the OD of the unit. After its out then you should be able to drill out the stack. That unit doesn’t appear to have a flange at the top like most units.


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