Replacing Rivet on Lionel Crane Car Trucks

I am replacing the broken rear trucks on a Lionel crane car. I have the replacement trucks but I do not have the rivet. I am planning on drilling out the old rivet and purchasing a pop rivet gun and rivets at Home Depot. Is this ok or should I be looking at another process? Any suggestions?

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I have used pop rivets successfully in the past. Have to be very careful when drawing them tight as the rivet gun will totally secure the rivet and thus the truck. What I did was tighten in several light squeezes until it was secure but still allowed for free movement of the truck. I then removed the gun and tapped the shaft out of the rivet. It works for me.

I've done a number of trucks with the Brakeman's Riveter, great tool and is perfect for the job. I find a lot of factory cars have very loose trucks as well, the Riveter is perfect for tightening them up so the cars don't rock so wildly on the track. Smile

Most of the parts places have the truck rivets, they're readily available.
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