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With the UP's Hertigage Fleet heading to the Super Bowl for this weekends game, Would anyone be willing to see if they can get some photos of the UPP 2066 Generator Car? I'm specifically requesting photo's of the roof and hump.
My email is in my profile. I know it's a huge ask, But I've searched high and low for photos of the roof and can't seem to find any good quality photo's. I'm needing them for detailing a car I'm hoping to build. I've contacted Union Pacific and their Historical Society with no luck.

Thank  you



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Al2066 from groundready stated, images posted by me would be taken by me.

This image was taken from the walkway next to the track/car and is the only other image I have of it.  Hopefully it's of some use as well.  Good luck in your modeling of it.


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