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Hi Folks,

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the Fall. The factories are gearing up to produce some of the models that you so desired. You have until October 10th to get your reservations in, as we only make these models to your orders.

The Eagle Cars and the Slumber Coaches will arrive November 20th. They are done and the container has been ordered.

The Superliner Design is done, and will be going into production along with the Amfleet / Viewliner Run #2. These should be delivered in early 2024.

The SD40-2 is already started production and should be done in Jan/Feb 2024.

The NYC H-10 Mikado will start production soon and be done 1st quarter, 2024.

Thank you all for your continued support. We are doing our best to make the finest models you can get in O Scale.


Scott Mann - Sunset Models, 3rd Rail, GGD, ERR.

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Well the two superliner sets will kick my budget for sure!

at least we can look forward to some new announcements like the F45/FP45/SDP40F!

Ah the price we pay to build our “empires”.  To manage my budget I send in partial payments in the months while a product is in production. I’ve recently been doing this for the Eagle. When it arrives I will have a zero balance due. I Like that !!! 😜😉

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Thank you, Scott!

I have made my confirmation for the 2 Steam Locomotive H-10s that I requested. It is very exciting knowing that within the next several months we should have them. The anticipation is quite exciting. Thank you very much for helping us out so significantly in our O scale adventures. 👍🏻 Best Wishes to All!!!

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