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Long read-the questions are at the end  

So, had some issues with a few turnouts. 
Seems it wasn’t the Turnouts-it was a dead output on my TIU. This led to another issue, that I had been putting off addressing. Seems, somehow, I was getting Errant voltage across an independent track block-(I have 10, and they are wired so they alternate the throttles on my Z-4000). 
It’s only been a volt or two, so I let it go-Because to resolve it meant setting out lighted cars on each block, and removing each leg, until the culprit was located. It was enough voltage that when Throttle 1 was on it back fed to my demarcation point( all feeds to track are wired in parallel) and put power out  to the other blocks. 

So that’s how I spent my Railroading hours tonight. 
I did find it-a MTH jumper track, was making contact because the positive  rail had gotten pushed together-some how, when I was adding track...about 4 years ago-I was using Gargraves-and I use a small hammer and channel locks to seat the rails on the pins—well, I must have hit hard enough to push the rail on the MTH jumper track to close the gap. 

That created a “ghost in the machine” effect-which somehow affected my turnouts...All seems good now. 

I swapped out my TIU & Remote for my  back up TIU & Remote-Went to add engines-got one engine added twice on addresses 22 and 24. 
Got three engines to “lash up” on one address-two steam and one diesel-which I do not want at all. (They were all on different blocks on the layout) And they all started to move  NOT GOOD😁

So, I reset the TIU and Remote. 

All seemed fine. 
Until I added my first engine-a Bigboy

it showed up on address #10–

Shouldn't it have been assigned #1???

Do I have to factory reset every engine in order to get them to assign incrementally in the remote, starting at #1??



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Since I resolved that issue-and since I added a Turnout for my newest stub yard; which also created another reversing loop between two levels-I now have about 50’ of dead track that I will need to run wires to. 
That will give me 11 track blocks. 12, counting the new stub yard😁


FUN just barely scratches the surface 🤪

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