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I have a Lionel 6-14161 smoking hobo shack that requires a new smoke unit/resister.  The part number listed on Lionel's web site is cs-6104161200-p, however, they have none available a search on the web came up empty.

Dose anyone know the resistance value of the original resister or what I could use in its place.  The original runs through the control board of this accessary.

Any help or advice is appreciated.



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The good news is that the nichrome wire broke/burnt close to one end, leaving one long strand intact.  By carefully unwrapping the nichrome wire so that none of it overlaps itself, it's resistance could be measured with an Ohmmeter.  To get a more accurate reading, scrape the oxide coating off the loose end of the wire before measuring its resistance.

Suitable wire-wound resistors can be purchased from many electronics retailers.  Most commonly available are ceramic coated, but the ceramic coating can be carefully crushed in a vice, leaving the resistor intact.  Maybe get a few extras, in case some practice is needed.

I would estimate 3 to 5 watts should provide enough power handling capability.

I would bet a decent bottle of wine that the original was a 27 ohm, since that is what Lionel used for most everything up until the late TMCC and Legacy era. And if its powered by 12-14VAC accessory power that would line up well for about 1/2 amp of current draw producing about 6 watts of heat. 27 ohm is where I would start.

A little study of the internal wiring would be in order just to confirm that the resistor is connected directly by the input supply power.


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