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Would be nice to get a response  from people in the wanted Forum when you respond  to there wanted requests. Several times l have sent emails and never get a response.  At least  reply  and say something. I found one. You are asking to much. Changed my mind. But to not reply is terrible. I keep a list and l will  not reply to there wanted ever since  the can't  reply.

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I agree that common  curtesy would dictate that if someone takes the time to respond to your request, the least you could do is acknowledge.  Unfortunately, this is “social media” which is anything but “social “!

I am lucky if 1/2 the wtb ads I respond to bother with a reply.

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I agree....but this may be a good time to also note that some of you want to turn a want to buy post into a thread which is not what is intended by OGR.  If you respond to the OP with  "I sent an email" or "I have emailed you" or "I responded with an email", etc., it will likely go into moderation and then either not be posted or deleted.  We don't want to bump up either "for sale" posts or" want to buy" posts because it isn't fair for others that are selling and looking for their listings/searches to be sent to the bottom pages due to folks having conversations in FS and WTB listings.  Just do your best to check out their profile for contact info they have shared and get with them that way.

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