Restoring a Lionel 152 - opinions desired.

I'm working on a Lionel 152 to run at a show in December.  After diddling around for some time as to what to do, I've decided on a full restoration, trying to make it look as exactly as reasonably possible.  As you can see in the photos, it's been repainted but the original decals are faintly visible.  Looking under the body, I see that it was originally dark green, which according to Greenberg shows that it was made in 1917 or 1918.  The whole run on this engine was 1917 to 1927. 

What pushed me over the edge on doing a full restore rather than just trrying to make it look nice wa that I found that reproduction decals are available.

My 152 has a riveted coupler, shown in Greenberg only for 1917 examples..  Models from 1918 and later have the twist mount coupler.  But my 152 has a type four motor which Greenberg says was begun in 1918.  Is it plausible that they made some 1918 locos with 1917 frames ?  The coupler difference requires a different frame stamping.

Another minor puzzle.  Now I see that I'm going to have to paint red rims around the windows.  Is there a standard red that Ionel used around that time ?  I'm trying to limit the cans of paint that I buy for just one restoration.

For those who may be coming to the TCA show in Hudson, MA in December, this engine will be running on our mebers demo layout with a sting oc contemporary cars.











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