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cab lighting is 5 volts. Headlamps vary usually 1.8 volts unless it runs off track power. If you are gutting a Ps1 loco the small board for the interior lights are separate from the main boards and can be reused. Otherwise make a 7805 regulator circuit. Can also convert to LED lighting.

Here is a 7805 circuit for LEDs.

See other posts on my blog for LED lighting

If inserting a diode string in series from a reverse board to motor the 2 ends can be tapped to drive a 1.8 volt headlamp if a diode is also in series for constant voltage directional lighting.

Dale H
Marty, For PS-1 engines, the Headlight and reverse light are 1.5V 45ma GOWs. These would be connected to the PS-1 board.

The MARS light if the unit has one were 3.0V 45ma, also connected to the board.

CV board lighting is actually 6.0V bulbs 60ma. The regulator is 6 volts.

There also is a 16V 60ma bulb for track powered lighting and newer versions that are 18V. G
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