Having rushed out the first version of "Woolworth's" last night, we have made a few changes to the kit.


  • Window blinds for the upstairs windows are now included at no additional cost.
  • We have expanded the depth from five to six inches. Being the same depth as some structures already in the market makes sense.
  • We have added a decorative facade to the top of the Woolworth's sign also jutting up between the windows as shown on the original photo of the Greensboro Woolworth's.

The original discussion topic on this building is found here -- >> https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/t...44#43524902855933144 


Here is the full rundown on the building:


The structure measures 14.00" across and 6.0" deep. The height is 8.0".


Everything you see attached to the building is included. Sidewalks, vehicles, people are not included. The Woolworth's sign is etched with the name in relief for ease of painting. The front window signs are laser etched. Windows are 3/32" acrylic, replacing the acetate.


Interior scenes and instructions are downloaded from the River Leaf website.


We are experiencing a technical problem on the website and it is down more than it is working. Website hosting service keeps insisting they are working on it, however, these has been going on for a few days now.


To place your order, email me at andreemd@gmail.com. We will send you an invoice. 


The retail price is $109.95, plus shipping.


For a limited time - until Midnight Monday, August 10, we are offering the kit for $100.00 even, plus shipping.


Email me to order -- >> andreemd@gmail.com



    2 Rails Layout and a big fan of brick structure.

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