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Hey Guys,

Went to pick up my U-33 this week and expected to pick up the Rio Pass 3 car set as well.  As always I pre order everything through my local hobby shop.  My dealer then proceeded to tell me they were "shorted" and this was a problem all over.  They tried calling other distributors etc..but to no avail.  I called Ro and some of the other bigger shops and of course noone has them.  Is this a problem in other areas?  Has anyone else been shorted?  Is there any explanation for it.....Of course I own the engines and 2 previously released cars, which fires me up even more... I did send an email to Lionel, but no answer as of yet.  Any insight you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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I hope I am not in the same boat.  I too have the locos, and two add on cars but have yet to get the 3 car set.  This happened to me with the MoPac baggage car from a few years ago.  My preorder was not filled because there were not enough produced.  So I still don't have one.  My LHS said that my 3 car set IS on the way, but I guess I will have to wait and see.  



Update – I received an email back from Lionel stating they would forward my concern to the appropriate department.  No response as of yet.  Then I called, got transferred to someone in sales.  Basically they told me they missed their forecast.  I asked how that is possible when most of this stuff is done with Pre-orders.  They told me that sometimes they produce prior to receiving the orders.  Of course there is nothing this person could do for me over the phone outside of providing numbers of dealers throughout the country.  After speaking with several dealers, the consensus is that they were “cut” by approx. 50%.  If I missed my forecast by 50%, I’d loose my job.  I can’t be angry with my LHS, I just switched to them after the death and closure of my former LHS.  They took care of their long time flyer guys and I would have expected the same.  It’s not like this item is an ad on car or B unit.  This is the set!  Sorry for the novel, but if enough guys are upset with this, maybe they produce run #2.  I know, no shot-but I can dream

Good luck with your call….I’m sure you’ll hear the same BS I did.  I still can’t believe they missed a forecast by this much.  They obviously produced these cars prior to receiving any pre-orders from the dealers.  I’ve been calling all over the last few days and not ONE dealer has a set.  Now we know the drill……these sets will start popping up at double, maybe more, the price vs. what a pre-order would be.  I’m glad Lionel is focused on the consumer, they still have not returned my email offering some form of explanation or next steps.  I know – I already have the answer and there are NO next steps.  But at least answer me!! 

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