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So here's the gist. For 2 years this loco has been running through O22 switches with little to no issues. In fact, it has been the most dependable runner through the switches.

All of a sudden, the pilot trucks are jumping the rails at medium speeds or faster, sometimes at the frog, sometimes exiting the switches. Has happened both when running straight through the switch, and  when the points are thrown. Occasionally the front drivers will derail too. Has happened on 4 different switches.

So far my other RK loco's are having no issues (a Pacific and a Mountain). Thought maybe there might be a switch issue that would only show up with a 2 wheel pilot truck. Ran my Lionel Mike, a 2-6-2, and a 2-6-4 through with no issues.

Checked the pilot truck and front driver set for binding. Nothing noticeable. Still went ahead and oiled all the sliding and rotating swing points. Axles were due for an oiling so oiled them. No help.

Can't find anything wrong with the switches, and keep in mind, this loco has been the best through them.

I'm stumped. Any ideas, tips, thoughts, would be appreciated.

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